Come to Cardiff for Lunch-the Creme Egg Yorkshire Pudding

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Can I get Cricket Cookies with that?

OMG...I'm so there...

First, there was the Creme Egg cheesecake-filled Easter eggs , and now a Cardiff pub is stepping things up a gear by offering Creme Eggs inside a giant Yorkshire pudding.(see post image).

Just when you thought Easter couldn't get any better, The Cedar Tree Farm has combined sponge cakes with white and orange fondant and Creme Eggs - and it's all encased inside a giant Yorkshire pudding!

The Grangetown pub, which is well-known for its giant Yorkshire puds, introduced the Easter sharing treat to meet the growing demand for unique and unusual dishes.

And they claim it's the first of it's kind in the UK.

(Image: CedarTreeFarm)
Chris Hayden, general manager at the Cedar Tree Farm, said: “Easter is the perfect time to gather the family and feast together for a delicious homely meal – finished off of course, with chocolate!

"All our cakes at the pub are handmade by our dedicated team so this year we put our cake-a-tier to the test to create something truly egg-stravagant as a special Easter cake, and we’ve not been disappointed.

“Our Creme Egg Yorkshire pudding features two chocolate sponge cakes sandwiched between white and orange fondant, decorated with creme eggs and encased in a giant Yorkshire pudding – it’s the best of both worlds!”

Wow, that looks wonderful, but so full of calories. Yummy

I need to visit Cardiff......

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