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It was the aroma of maple throughout the house. For the last 10 minutes it was accompanied by your music.
Thank you for that:)

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Very much agreed. I have it on my playlist. I can sleep listening to this :D

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A nice warm shower, beautiful music, and a day when I don't have any chores.

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I love that song too, all the songs on that album are great. You're right, most people think of Gleason as a comedian, which he was, but he made beautiful music as well.

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A day at the beach with my camera just staring at the ocean always grounds me.

@Flrdsgns A day at the beach with my camera just staring at the ocean...

That sounds like paradise. I wish I lived close to an ocean.

@Flrdsgns A day at the beach with my camera just staring at the ocean...

100% yes. If Nature isn't going crazy at the moment, it is one of the most relaxing things.

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The sound of rain falling on the roof, wind blowing through the trees, doves cooing, frogs chirping, and certain mellow music.

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Music, Movies, Books, Series... any kind of entertainment that doesn't play twister with my mind. And if it does, it's not to mess me up.

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As a kid, I would listen to my parents collection of music, and my mum had a lot of classical in it. Some of my favourites are from that time. Another one I could listen all day is this one:
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It made me fall in love with violin.

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I have always lived within a mile or two from the ocean, just can't imagine my life without it. The way the water changes color, so you know when a storm is coming in and how far out it is.

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Reading in bed until I fall asleep.

That music is so very beautiful. Thank you for that. :D

Here are a few songs...

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Here are a few things that can normally help me relax:

  • Catching up with on-line acquaintances. :)
  • Beautiful music like the one you posted.
  • Reading / entertainment that can keep my mind off whatever I happen to be concerned about.
  • Silence can also be relaxing.
  • Ice cream, chocolate, ...
  • Drinking a refreshing beverage in a hot day.
  • Drinking a hot beverage in a cold day.
  • Taking a deep breath.
  • Being alone can be relaxing.
  • Being with company can be relaxing - depending on the situation and the company.
  • Having a good laugh about something silly (it can help release tension and you can feel more relaxed afterwards).

Among other things.

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Smoking a bowl, putting on a Ted talk, and spooning

Any kind of soft music like that..

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