Do you think that using electronic shocks on students (mentally or emotionally disabled) is a reasonable approach to "training" these children who have exhibited improper behavior? This is the only school in the country that still uses this technique.

Judge Rotenberg Educational Center - Wikipedia
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I am opposed to shock collars on dogs. Of couse im opposed to shocking people. Children for cryin out loud:[

@VicZinc Well it is happening at this 'school'.

I see that. I had no idea.
I hope the people advocating for their civil liberties are successful.

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I read up on it as well when the court was about to be involved, and I saw the video as well. JFC!

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True about new students from 2011 on, though any student who was court-approved to receive the shocks before the enactment took place in 2011 will be grandfathered-in. :( The JRC is still operating and, for them, it's business as usual.

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Yes, I'd forgotten but, yes and I'm thankful that mandate's in-place.

Here's some admirable history and upsetting facts re: BPI;JRC involvements with deaths, abuse, and so on:


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I very much agree. I come across so many traumatic injustices without trying and it does weigh me down tremendously.

Thanks for the conversation, Boz - you're always nice company ;) hug

I thought shock therapy was used for the mentally disabled, and in a hospital, not children.

There are a few people I wouldn't mind seeing get a cattle prod tap dance, but using skin shocks on kids with mental issues doesn't sound like a valid therapy. JMHO

No. I understand that behavior modification tactics such as described, do often actually work in the short term, with both humans and non-humans.
Sometimes even for a lifetime, as far as a being cowed and broken.

I'd not heard of Rotenberg's facility before.

That's barbaric.

Coming from a person with a disability, bold-faced NO. It’s torture.

Absolutely not!!!

I watched a documentary about that recently. They were talking about adults, but it isn't like it was decades ago. I had electric shock to my heart and that stopped rapid heart beat. I don't think children should get shocked in school but a clinic could help them perhaps.

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