When I was a child we had duck-and-cover drills in school because there was a weapon that had proliferated out of control and threatened the American way of life. Today's kids have Active-Shooter drills.

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It's so sad, what the kids have to go through now. Instead of going to school to learn and have some fun, they have to worry about getting killed. We have turned America into a killing field.

I recall something similar in my 4th grade year. Where we lived the schools had racial quotas.

So every year each of our area's two schools would choose students alphabetically and so many white students would be bused across town to a predominantly black school while so many black students from that school would be bused to the predominantly white school. My name came up once during the brief time we lived there.

I don't recall really thinking about the reason for that system, although I did know what the reason was. I was nervous about it, though. I do recall participating in a "drive-by drill" during the first week of school.

Even at that age it was very sad to me that fear of shootings were a daily reality for the kids that lived in the area. It still is.

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Correction: I meant Bush 41, not 43.


Interestingly, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists thinks the odds of nuclear war are as high now as they were in the 50s (two minutes to midnight, whatever ominous odds that represents).

And the odds of nuclear war, according to the BAS, rose precipitously when Reagan took office (to 3 minutes to midnight), only to drop to their lowest level in history (17 minutes to midnight) by the time Bush 41 left office, only to rise again steadily since then.
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Yep. That's why there was that sudden marked rise in the chances of nuclear war, according to the BAS, when Reagan became president.

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What many have forgotten about that horrible horrible tragedy, is the numberous pipe bombs they planted around the school that never went off.

Fortunately for all of us, the Anarchists Cookbook wasn't a particularly consistent work.

That happened my graduating year...

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99 bombs, that's in addition to the propane tanks they converted into explosives, the firebomb and the car-bombs.

"After parking their cars, each containing concealed car bombs timed to detonate at 12:00, the duo met near Harris' car and armed a further two 20 pounds (9.1 kg) propane bombs before entering the cafeteria a few minutes prior to the beginning of the "A" lunch shift. The youths placed the duffel bags containing the bombs, set to explode at approximately 11:17 a.m., inside the cafeteria before returning to their separate vehicles to await the explosion and shoot survivors fleeing the building. Had these bombs exploded with full power, they would have killed or severely wounded all 488 students in the cafeteria and possibly collapsed the ceiling, dropping part of the library into the cafeteria."

They also converted their guns using more instructions they found online.

They were vicious little snots, their cruelty has been unmatched by many a terrorist.

No one ever talks about that... The bombs, how they obtained all the necessary parts without drawing attention, how they stored them, moved them all to the school, how they planted them all completed undetected, even given the cameras in the school.

No one ever floated the idea of outlawing the materials, certainly not the internet they used to learn, even the anarchists cookbook is still available. The focus is and was always the guns. No one even mentions that they converted the guns themselves anymore.

Just something that's always bothered me.

Lol, yep that long ago I guess.

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You aren't alone, most people haven't. It's a marvel that a massacre so widely known, everyone the world over has heard about it, could be so widely known and yet lose so many significant details to time.

I just find it remarkable.

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And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through

that was a time when they should have armed the kids … put some turrets on top of the schools and go to roofs kids. your harder to find under all that rubble. take to the roofs

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