What was the meal you loved to go home to as a kid?

Image for post What was the meal you loved to go home to as a kid?
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Lasagne with garlic bread.

Chicken fried steak with brown gravy.
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A family recipe and as I discovered later in life - a typical Hungarian peasant dish. Mrs. Budwick prepares it for us now and then - I still very much enjoy it.

I had many, but one in particular that no one else (5 siblings) liked but me.

Creamed Eggs on Toast. Even now my family doesn't like it so I don't make it often.

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More like chopped hard-boiled eggs in white sauce.

Think sausage (or country) gravy with eggs instead of sausage.

Make a roux and add milk or cream, then salt and white pepper to taste. Stir in dice or sliced hard-boiled eggs.

Pour it over toast.

numm' it up.

Everything, my Mother was an excellent cook. And her pies were to die for. yum smilieyum smilie

A couple of old family dishes that I haven't seen outside of our family or at family reunions.

Hungry-man dinners, my mom is an amazing cook.

Are you assuming I actually leave my home?

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