Why do you love music?

Come on...it's a business...you are also a statistic... It should really be free... Also..have your musical habits changed from younger to older? Why, if so... Why if not... Is music an addiction? And about teens? Is it simply another form of escapism? For some peeps...

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I think listening to music I like is a form of escape. I can focus on various aspects of the music and forget everything else.

Listening to music I loathe is discomfortable.

I am a self-taught musician (using the term loosely). When I was first learning the bass guitar I was around 14 years old, and I would practice by myself several times a week. The bass guitar that is. When I was in college I played in a few bands and also picked up the guitar. By then I was practicing less as my studies came first. When I became a full-time working stiff it became much less.

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Closet ABBA fan here. smile smilie

Music is a big part of my life. It's soothing, relaxing, and most of it is very beautiful. We always had a piano in the house when growing up, so it's always been a big part in my life. It would be a very sad and cold world if we had no music.

Sometimes it stops the feelings

It doesn't matter why; I just do. My tastes haven't changed from younger to older but rather grown to accept more. It's not simply a form of escape; it's a large part of my very being.

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