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Missed six.

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That's the one I missed. Ha!

28 out of 30. I had some luck with 50/50 guesses.

25 out of 30

28 out of 30 - I know way too much about both of them! I still watch all of their movies, they don't make guys like that anymore.

ozzyboys avatar ozzyboy I can't +5Reply

I got them all right except the yellow poncho question. Common sense - time frame and watching old cowboy movies with dad as a little kid.

29 out of 30. I think I have most of those movies.

I got 26 correct. It seemed so easy, at first. :/

Piper2s avatar Piper2 I can't +2Reply

I always loved John Wayne.That was a true man.

hootowls avatar hootowl I can't +2Reply

I got 32 out of 35 right.

hootowls avatar hootowl I can't +1Reply

Got them all, guessed a couple which of them was in a plane crash then swam to safety, who weighed a whopping 13 pound when they were born and who played chess ut on screen I know mostly what Clint had been in so if it wasn't him it had to be the Duke's.

28 out of 30!

I didn't get the chess question and I forgot the other one I missed..

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