Warning dark content** This girl was talking to a guy, and the guy confessed he does cut. The girl proceeded to tell him his reasons for cutting (losing three loved ones) was stupid. I asked her this. "Well if him cutting over his situation doesn't meet up to your standards what does. What's a good reason for cutting, easy there isn't one." To which she said. "There are tons of good reasons to cut." She didn't tell which they were but do you think there is ever a good reason to cut?

Its very sad, but tell me your opinions

7% Yes, in do 53% No, never 20% Maybe 20% Other
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Self harm should never seem the option for dealing with emotional grief but apparently it is for many. Having been through plenty of grief of my own I have dealt with it in many ways and some not in my long term best interests, but physical self-harm wasn't one of them so I find it difficult to relate. Still, I would never look down on someone because of it but rather try and understand their issues and hopefully help if I can.

I asked a friend of mine once why she cuts, she said she's on anti depressants and hasn't felt anything since... so cutting is her only way to feel. I'm sure there are other reasons though.

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Maybe for lancing your own boil, but that's about it. There are many reasons that are understandable, just not acceptable. They need to get help before it goes too far.

Sometimes people cut themselves because they're feeling a very strong emotional pain that they want to somehow lessen.

Psychologically speaking, the pain you feel from the cut somehow makes the emotional pain feel less strong in comparison.

At least that's the explanation I've gotten from a person who used to do that.

I might be way off here, but I guess it's kind of like a much intensified version of punching a table or pulling your hair when you're feeling really nervous / anxious.

Unfortunately, it's really not simple to judge whether it's a good or a bad reason, as sometimes there is really no simple way for a person to cope with what they are feeling. :(

But I'd certainly never advise anyone to do it, and I certainly don't think anyone should ever go through that without getting all the help they can to stop it.

What the heck does that even mean.

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