Did you know that Argentina has a law for the age of it's state workers that allows women to retire at 60 and men have to wait until they are 65?

I saw this article where male state worker decided to change his gender to retire 5 years earlier. In Argentina all he had to do was fill out a form stating that he was now a woman. No hormones, surgery, or any other evidence of real intent. I guess their government made laws are as screwy as ours. Ha!

Legally change your gender to retire 5 years earlierConvincing Sergio Lazarovich he’s the beneficiary of white-male privilege is going to be a tough sell. So tough, he has legally changed his gender, reported the Daily Mail. According to a relative identified as Enzo, reported Informate Salta, the 60-year-old Argentinian tax worker – now known as Sergia – didn’t make the change because of […]http://www.wnd.com/2018/03/legally-change-your-gender-to-retire-5-years-earlier/
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Close enough. You are now retired and here is your monthly pay:

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They make great ball markers for golf. :)

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I don't get the reasoning behind that. hmm smilie

Wow, that guy must really hate working to go to that extreme.

I pretty much agree with 'Sergia'....it doesn't seem quite "fair"...

Russia has the same sort of thing.
I just heard that they changed the age of men to retire to 65.
Ironically, the average male lifespan in Russia is 65.

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