Why are some Trump supporters so angry? And why are some still so obsessed with Hillary? Hillary lost, the liberals have accepted it and have moved on, but some Trump supporters can't let it go, even still enraged over the large protest after the inauguration and the pink hats. Could it be they are seeing the "writing" on the wall. IMPEACHMENT!!!!

I find it rather ironic that some supporters never say how much good Trump is doing for the country, instead they are focusing their attention on Hillary. Hillary is old news and they use her as a diversionary tactic. They seem to have forgotten how "Stormy" his time in office has been. lol

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Actually I thought she had gone away. I've not heard her comments for a very long time, but then I don't listen to Fox Noise. I think Bernie is about the same age as Trump, isn't he? Maybe both are too old to be president.

Fox is obsessed with Hilary, I think they use her as a diversionary tactic so they won't have to face the facts that Trump is so corrupt.

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With Bernie at least he knew what he was talking about, and knew what he was talking about, but with Trump everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie....and he changes his mind like some people change their undies.

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hahahah You nailed it. lol He brags about how great he was at running his businesses, and people have forgotten how many times he filed bankruptcy. And now so many lawsuits out there against him. He can't get a decent lawyer to defend him, because they know he won't pay them. I'm sure he's in debt to Putin up to his nasty hair. Heaven help us all.

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Hillary is irrelevant, she lost, we have dealt with it. What she says means nothing. But Trump is president, there is a scandal every day in the White House, he's always been a womanizer, and that won't change, and I really don't care about that, what I do care about is his lies, every time he opens his mouth. His corruption, his ties with Putin, he's so afraid of Putin that he won't even go up against him. His spending $3 million dollars of taxpayers money every weekend to go to Florida to play golf, his constant tweets degrading other people, even people of his own party.

If you're OK with all of that, that's fine. But I'm not and neither is a lot of other true americans.

Every American should be scared to death of this president and what he's doing to this great country of ours.

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Actually, I haven't heard what Hillary is saying, that's how important I think she is. I voted for Hillary only because Bernie didn't make it. I wanted the Republican Governor from Ohio to win the nomination, and it's a darn shame that he didn't. He's a smart man. Even though I'm a democrat I would have voted for Kasich, a Republican, if he had been nominated.

But it's too late now.... we have to deal with what we have now.

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