When I see someone who can laugh at themselves, I automatically like that person a little bit more.

Being always serious sounds like a very stressful way to live. It's always good to know when to relax. Don't take yourself so serious. Cliché as it is, it's still a good message for what I see.

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Sometimes when I'm stressed out and taking something more seriously than I should, finding something to laugh about (be it me or anything else, even if it's completely unrelated to the original problem) helps me relax and put things in perspective.

It'd probably be really unhappy if I needed to be serious all the time. I probably laugh at least once every day.

Im so absent minded. That would lead to complete frustration if i didnt find some humor in it.

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So do I, Sofia. I laugh at myself all the time, for the crazy things I've done. I do wonder though, why there are some who take offense when someone teases them, how sad.

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Lol, someone having a sense of humour is not reason enough to love someone. It's a bonus point for sure, but I'll need more xD

You're correct :D

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I flabbergasted by those who can't.

Me too, usually. When people think the meanish sort of things they do or say are hilarious and clever, not so much.

I've had many good laughs at my own expense, and it feels really good, too. I'm pretty sure most of us prefer to be laughing along, or at ourselves, as opposed to being laughed AT. :)

I can laugh at myself...I'd just rather laugh at someone else.

I remember once when I was little.
Me and my friend were playing, climbing a tree.

I fell out of the tree...I was on the ground, holding my arm, moaning and groaning.

He was in the tree...pointing down at me and laughing.

About 30 seconds later, he fell out the tree and was rolling on the ground, moaning and groaning..

I sucked it up and helped him off the ground.......Wrong!

I pointed at him and laughed my ass off...that was one of the best laughs I ever had..

Moral of the story....I'm not sure, maybe....watch your next damn step.


Oh, I laugh at myself all the time. I do so really silly stuff sometimes. Give me a helium tank and I can make others laugh too hehe smilie


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