Okay, john....getting old is... living through four versions of classic rock. Getting old is... reminiscing about about leaded gas. Getting old is...original bell bottomed levis. Getting old is.... earth shoes. Getting old is.... feeling good that you got something started. Better yet....finished. Getting old is....remembering just how many of your critters died at an old age. Getting old is....taking part in a five generation photo, and you are generation #2. Getting old is...making a list about being old;]

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It would...i typed in a hurry.

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Or reminiscing about the gas wars, when prices would drop 20% or more

Also you need to be extra careful with hot coffee! Image in content Ha Ha!

Considering the alternative, I'll take the getting old.

I get to travel free on the bus and get a third off rail fares.There are advantages.

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