Why do people like marijuana so much? (Just curious).

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It is calming. It can help you see things with a new perspective. It can be a really fun bonding experience. It has medicinal benefits for some people. It smells delightful. It's cheaper than therapy. It's a fun time.

*This doesn't mean I'm suggesting you ditch your therapist, nor am I saying that weed is good (or has health benefits) for literally every single person.

I don't partake of it but I've been around people who take it responsibly and don't see a problem with it, for whatever reason they are taking it. If it helps, it helps, and that's a good thing. Like anything else, if abused, it's no longer helping.

Cause they don't have a life.

Had a friend who was about to smoke it, lit it, but turned out to be gunpowder. He is dead now. Dont laugh he died it’s not funny.

Back in my reckless youth, I smoked pot all the time. The high was very pleasurable. It was fun.

At this age, not so much.

pce smilie

I get high on life and I love it. I'm no dope.

Because their life sucks.

They must have an unhappy life and can't cope or they have a mental disorder.Or they
let other people talk them into it.They are just weak people.

It's different for different people. For some it's really nice and calming. I usually just laugh a lot and then get anxious or sad but I think that's more of a me problem than a weed problem

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