Standard IQ tests in the USA are a poor measure of true intelligence.

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Wisdom is the “quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.”

Intelligence can help in the accumulation of knowledge, but intelligence does not automatically create knowledge.

While the tests aren't foolproof, I think they give a pretty accurate assessment of a persons learning ability when given in conjunction with other tests. I think they also represent how well a person, on average, will do in certain demanding fields. A person who has an IQ of 150 is going to have a lot more success in medical school than a person with an IQ of 70.

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I think that's what the purpose for tests is Boz, to get an assessment on potential in certain areas. There is a test for about anything you can think of. We have one for language aptitude that tests your aptitude to learn a new language. It doesn't mean a person can't learn a new language who doesn't have the aptitude but they generally have to work a lot harder to do so. You may trust a native with an IQ of 70 if you were lost in the Amazon, but would you trust the guy who is from New York who happens to be with you in the Amazon who has an IQ of 70 to figure out how to survive? :)

Depends on how you define "true" intelligence. There are many ways in which a person can be intelligent or.. lacking... and not all of them are weighed equally

@Wunderscore Depends on how you define "true" intelligence. There are many ways in which a person can be intelligent or...

Yes you're definitely right about that. I think there are many kinds of intelligence and it's impossible to really measure it, or even properly define it. At least using our current methods of testing, which are ethnocentric at best.

I think this video explains how there’s not just one type of IQ.

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I would rather be a wise idiot than an intelligent fool.

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Any standardized testing of intelligence are poor measures of an individuals true intelligence, because it does not test every single possible thing a person might know.

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