Should the VA be Privatized?

As the oligarchy's dismantling of America continues Trump's new head of the VA is poised to rubber stamp the privatization of the Veteran's Administration. I guess it's not enough that non vets are subjected to astronomical health care costs he wants those injured and wounded in service to get screwed by big pharma too. Currently the VA is the only entity permitted to negotiate drug prices. The govt is forbidden by law which is why US health care is double what the rest of the civilized world pays with no better results. Profit driven health care for all. Next it will be water. The military budget is about as bloated as it gets with about a trillion a year going to the most wasteful and largest polluter on the planet.. A lot of which goes unaccounted for. The claim that privatization will make it better is another crock put forth by the govt. They are basically doing to the VA what they're doing to the EPA, education, HUD and every other program that helps working people or the environment. It's another RW fantasy just like trickle down but half the country will buy it from the con man in chief. This country will be a shithole before Trump completeshis first term
That's just my opinion. I could be wrong. What do you think?