Damn sometimes I wonder why I never can learn from my mistakes because I keep ending up alone and hurt.

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I don't know that anybody has the exact answer for avoiding relationship hardships. I think you just keep trying until you get lucky. Hopefully that happens fr you soon. :)

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I’m trying😬

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Well what would u do if they said that they are not good enough for u and start trying to convince u too leave?

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In my opinion this site could be more open emotionally rather than just random thoughts and politics or about news. That’s all good. But I was just being honest. However thanks for your response

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Not to be rude or trying to stir anything up but If u didn’t need the “emotional ness” then u responded because?

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Yea sorry I’m just a little short with people

Sounds like you're being too hard on yourself. Maybe it's the other person who is to blame. I've been in that situation before, blaming myself for what others have caused. If a person leaves you because of a mistake, that's their loss, not yours. And you're probably better off without that issue in your life. Fortunately, I'm not alone, but maybe the other person is. Just my opinion.

Your crazy matches my crazy.

But... Then again... Here's the thing.

I'm guessing there's a long and painful story behind your post.
I'm sorry for your pain.

Without trying to second guess your situation - don't be too quick to assume that YOU made a mistake. Consider that maybe THEY made the mistake! They are after all, without you.

That doesn't make the pain less hurtful, but it can help you to look at the situation from another angle. Maybe it's not you that needs to change. Maybe you are just fine, and they simply - 'not the one'.

There is nothing at all wrong with being alone. Spending time with yourself can be terrific medicine. Learning more about who you are, what's important to you, doing things you really like to do - it's tremendous therapy. And, it's quite likely that you'll meet someone along the way with similar interests and values.

Good luck Meow. Enjoy life!

I learn from the mistakes and successes of myself and others.

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