Help-my notifications have suddenly leapt to over 200 ( no idea why!)and are going back months.Short of turning notifications off is there an easy way to get rid of them?

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Blewynanifail, I cannot see your setting if you want to PM me a screenshot I can possibly see what's going on. If it keeps up definitely PM James and DEV.
using this link

I think on a pc screen you have the option to hide them all. I haven't seen that on the cell phone version.

You're very popular. biggrin smilieclap smilie

@StarzAbove You're very popular.

Yes!-but these are notifications from months ago that have reappeared.It would take an age to remove them.

I have managed to the new ones to the top.That helps!

The disruption to your notifications is all my fault, I didn't realise it would course anyone problems to remove them....

Anyway to you and anyone else with a sudden overload of notifications I am really really sorry about that one.

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Ok-how do you delete them as I can't find that option?

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I can hide them but I haven't got a delete option.And I want to see the new ones.

@ThePrinceofWales I can hide them but I haven't got a delete option.And I want to see the new ones.

Try blocking me then taking me back off Blew...

I mean in theory that should delete all notifications from myself but leave everyone elses in tact love.

I have followed Adas advice.Now I have to work out how to unblock her!
Ok -unblocked and my notifications back to normal.Admin take note since I messaged you.
Thanks for the advice Ada.

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