My wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary later this year, and we'd like to go on a mini-vacation. Any suggestions?

It needs to be in the contiguous 48 states (or perhaps Canada).
We enjoy the outdoors.
I'm thinking about going to a national park like Arches in Utah for a few days.

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Phil, if later this year means summer, maybe take her to the upper peninsula of michigan.
Google...10 amazing places in michigans upper peninsula.
No one goes away disappointed.

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@2743521 is beautiful.

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Still unspoiled up there. Not many places like it left.

@Carla Phil, if later this year means summer, maybe take her to the upper peninsula of michigan. Google...10 amazing...

I agree Carla, Mackinac Island is a fabulous place to visit. Also the Locks are very interesting to watch. I loved that place, no automobiles was great.

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Thanks Rooster. San Antonio is a great idea. That's the city with the river walk, right?

The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list but I've been told you need to make reservations at least a year in advance. We've already been to Los Angeles, Monterey, San Fran, Yosemite. Unbelievable beauty!

Congratulations. It's so nice to know about happily married couples on this site, I being one of them.

I love Hawaii. It's everything anyone could want. Beautiful beaches, hiking trails and even mountains.

The Tetons are a beautiful place to visit as well.

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Wherever you go, I hope you have a wonderful vacation.....Starz

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We once drove across the States - roughly following route 90, and we saw many amazing things. The furthest north we got was to Glacier National park, but Banff was considered.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to look into it. The train ride would be very cool too.

When you say mini do you mean a long weekend or a full week? My wife and I did a 3 day vacation on Hiltonhead Island for our 20th. Played some golf and ate great seafood

Sedona AZ is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. And it's an easy drive to the Grand Canyon.

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If you like fireworks and cold - Madeira.

If you like beaches and heat - Rio de Janeiro.

If you're looking for a simple rustic but natural charm I'd suggest Bulgaria but for Americans it wouldn't be worth the travel, going so far would be too expensive despite the vacation in the country itself isn't very expensive for people from better developed countries.

Phillyboy, take her someplace she would enjoy, only you know what she likes.

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