I love children. I hate children.

If hate is a strong word then so is love. Being with kids is sometimes like dealing with people who have mental health issues.

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I was a pretty quiet kid in my teens or in general, hadn't lived with my parents since I was 12 but didn't cause trouble either way.


I agree. Once they start driving, what a worry.


We made it thru the storm😊

lol It can be very frustrating as a parent raising kids, but it is well worth it, when they crawl upon your lap and say, "I love you Mommy, you're the best Mommy in the world." Those are words my son said to me....and I still cherish them. biggrin smilie

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I hate to say this...but most women want kids these days...

@Sukiesnow I hate to say this...but most women want kids these days...

Why would you hate to say it? Sure raising kids is hard but there's nothing wrong with wanting to do it.


Oh boy, dealing with babies doesn't sound appeasing to someone like me who one day might go that path biggrin smilie You're scaring me Mark.

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When are you ready? Do you level up or something to know you're ready for this? My family is screwing with me about this matter since they had me by the time they were 22.

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Oh boy, that's going to be interesting. I'm not exactly a chick magnet.

I was a "nanny" to my niece and nephew for 5 years when they were quite young. Loved it. Not sure if i would enjoy doing it with teens though.

Here I am...now making a point of being on my post...heh heh...

How such small creatures can engender such emotions is mystifying...

I neither love or hate children. They are individuals, and some are obviously more likable than others.

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I'd say Jessica had every reason to be blown away :) Very nice job!! ;D


Good story.

Dealing with children seems....exhausting. But despite that most people do have kids, it's this animalistic part in us that wants to have a family and lineage.

Nature tricks lower species into procreation with sex which is quite clever, while we have evolved to trick nature by reaping the pleasures of the flesh without the consequence of pregnancy.

i love children, especially when their parents arent there (because they never seem to have the same behavioural standards i do and it drives me fully bonkers). im a professional nanny, and in the past ive been a daycare teacher and director. i prefer babies and infants because i have a real natural knack for it and it doesnt require as much emotional labour as older children, with whom i like to have good conversations where they can explore their ideas. no way to do that with little bitty babies! just wrap them up and love on them!!! i love babies so much. so sweet and precious and full of potential.

Kids are alright.....when they go home.

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