How will we face death when it comes?

I have a friend/co-worker I've know for about 15 years. He isn't the kind of friend I socialize with but he is a person I've always respected for his knowledge, dedication, and he has been a true pleasure to work with.
We both had the same Dr last year when we had spinal fusion surgery and became a little closer because of that. While I got better after the surgery, he got worse. (It had nothing to do with the surgery as we later found out) He is only 39 and has two kids under 10. In January, they told him he has ALS. Last month, his lung capacity went down by 30% in a three week period. He is dying. It is doubtful if he will live more than a few more weeks. There is a military retirement ceremony for him this weekend. He is being medically retired so his wife and kids will still get some benefits. I can't believe the courage he has shown throughout these past few months. He has not complained once. He spent the time putting his affairs in order both at work as well as for his family. This really made me wonder if I would have the courage and composure this young man has demonstrated, if I had to face what he is facing. I'll be seeing him at the ceremony on Saturday, most likely, for the last time, and I really don't know what I can say to him. I'm not looking for advice here or anything like that. I just felt a need to say something about him. The courage we see in others can have a big impact on how we look at ourselves.