Have you ever had a friend that you would cross oceans for, but would complain about jumping a puddle for you?

I was thinking about real life friends on this since it's hard to judge online friendships in the same way. I have learned over the years that not all friends are equal and have become pretty stingy with labeling someone a friend without a lot of interactions over time. I am quite lucky to have a couple of exceptional people that I call friends for life.

Image for post Have you ever had a friend that you would cross oceans for, but would complain about jumping a puddle for you?
60% Yep! 32% Nope! 8% Other
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If their commitment to me is not equal to my commitment to them then they are just acquaintances, not 'friends'.

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It's funny you mention that. Guys at pubs are always asking to borrow $20. I always say no, but if one of my real friends needs cash they get it with no questions asked.

My friends would, and have, always been there for me. But really, i have just a very few true friends.

I had a friend like that....a good friend or so I thought, but when the chips were down, she was no where to be found.

Hey your first thinking post...

No. Maybe someone.....once.

@Will_Janitor Hmmm...not sure what you are saying there.

I'm used to you having posts with links...it's about the links...

Making posts without links usually takes more energy and can have some risk attached to it since it might be about one's own process....

However...While I've been away I see you've had a nice variety of posts...hopefully saying Good Job! does not come across as patronizing.

Not exactly -- I met this guy at a club one night. All his underlings were talking to me at first trying to buy me drinksha ha I only drink diet coke when I go out dancing. So they got bored with me, but as soon as Martin arrived they all said you gotta talk to this one she isn't drinking just like you.. .. He was in British air force so he could fly here for free when we had time off. He visited several times, we lost touch - I wish I could find him now he was fun loved to drive around and I could use that now.

Probably won't I got one email from him some years ago but I can't find it now

Yep - but I guess they're not really friends so, nope.

If I try not to expect much - I'm rarely disappointed and sometimes pleasantly surprised.

Now, in the military, there were people I could trust with my life - I DID trust with my life.

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