What did you expect to grow up and out of, but never have?

I've literally never grown out of my love for the Spice Girls (same for third eye blind and green day... they're not even good I just can't move on, you feel?) How about you?? (I don't mean just musically....maybe you like Spongebob or BMX racing or ribbon dancers or burning ants with a magnifying glass I don't know)

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Opinion sites. I started about 10 years ago on SodaHead and came here when it closed down. I really thought It would get boring and I would just fade away from them in a few months. 10 years later I still frequently come on here and answer questions, give my opinions, read most of the comments and enjoy the interaction of people I have never met in person. :)

Cotton candy

Video games and cartoons

Potato chips!

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SAME, BINCH!!!!!!! <3

Popping pimples.

Being emotional.

observer from earth outside universal event horizon is not possible to watch how universe currently grows up and out of its own
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Biblical God blesses America...

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