What's your favorite "so-bad-it's-good" movie?

I love Xanadu (released in 1980; stars Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelley...go watch it!!!!) and Purple Rain (Prince!!!!) as well as Grey Gardens (the original documentary and the 2009 remake lmfao). But these aren't like...good movies. They're awful! And great! Other honorable (horrible) mentions are all the 90s Batman movies. How about you?

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my little brother used to be obsessed with billy madison (i think we both really liked THAT VERONICA VAUGHN [you gotta say that like chris farley]) and we watched it like....every day (same with forrest fucking gump i hATE forrest gump now). every time i wash my hair, i sing...about conditioner making my hair silky and smooth.

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I think she won on Dancing With the Stars a couple of seasons ago.

In reply to your wink: PEACE!

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I agree. She looked great.

Land of the Lost
It was sooo bad, but also soo funny!
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Caddy Shack. It was so corn ballish, but I loved that show. lol

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lol He's one nutty guy, but I liked him. I also liked the song in Caddy Shack.

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