What was the last entertainment you consumed that was not in English?

English is not the global standard, but since it is my native language, it's what I'm going with here because much of the entertainment I personally consume is in English. The last bit of entertainment that I consumed that wasn't in English was "Hello, My Twenties" which is a South Korean television show about 5 young women living in a house together. One of the women is a sex worker and there may be a ghost in the house. I found it on Netflix. How about you?

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fuckin rad!! i love mariachis

Just a CD I'm playing.
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@StarzAbove Just a CD I'm playing.

tan hermosa!!! (:~
i like how old fashioned it feels...makes me wanna wear some leather gauchos and herd cattle or something

Everything else but the things I do on the computer.

I hope its clear that I'm talking about like media consumption....and not physically eating entertainment. I got a message warning me that some of y'all might think that from the word "consume"....but I don't think you're that ignorant tbh.

I watched a movie 22 Bullets in French.
It stars Jean Reno who I admire. And it had English subtitles that I could read.
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I watched a Russian film with a friend last month.

I watched a hindi talkshow yesterday.

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