How is your weather looking for this weekend?

In the upper Midwest we are looking at another winter storm with a lot of snow and high winds. It sure doesn't feel like April too me! ;)

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Ouch, another winter storm, that's crazy.

It's a great day here, Will. Around 80, I have some windows open, but the weekend we're expecting rain again. Our Spring is having trouble staying around.

@Will_Janitor Ours is non existent. The never ending winter. :)

No wonder you want to retire to Florida. Although we've been to Florida many times in the winter months, and it was cold and rainy there. Stupid weather.

Cloudy tomorrow, high of 55F (too low for my tastes but it's better than the 40s) and then SUNDAY is partly SUNNY!!! With a high of 61F!!!!! Much better! We're gonna grill on the patio with a few friends. :)

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Well, got up to a tropical 37 degrees today. Had a thunder storm early this afternoon. Then it sleeted and rained, still raining. Gonna get either up to two feet of snow tomorrow and sunday or freezing rain. All accompanied by high wind with gusts up to 40/50 mph.

Looking good! Gonna clear garden beds~!

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