Are we Bombing Syria Over the use of Chemical Weapons or is it for a Pipeline and Profit?

According to the establishment we are bombing the Middle East for "humanitarian" reasons. We are so disturbed by Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons that it must be stopped so we bombed Syria. If you believe that you don't have the brains God gave gophers.
Mainstream media and both sides of the aisle are calling for action which makes me immediately skeptical especially when they're trying to tell me Assad is an idiot. He may be a brutal dictator but I doubt he would be stupid enough to use chemical weapons. He's winning the war and Trump was about to start pulling US troops so Assad does the one thing that accomplishes nothing militarily or politically and will bring about US action. Yeah right. They say they have proof but it's classified. Uh-huh. So we fired 118 or so missiles in what was termed precision strikes. I wonder if France and the UK were as precise. This was supposedly necessary and I'm sure they will all hail Trump like the dumbasses did the last time. But I digress. Back to the notion that we're there to help save the Syrian people from poison gas. It's a fucking joke. We have supported and still support some of the most brutal dictators on the planet. We don't give a rats ass about Arab lives or American lives for that matter. it's about fossil fuel and a gas pipeline from Iran to Europe and the profit of war. It's the most profitable investment of all where the gains are measured in dollars and the losses are measured in lives. That's why we are engaged in perpetual war. The only thing that raises Trumps approval ratings is when he fires missiles. We sent off 118+ missiles at over a million bucks a pop but we can't provide universal health care.
We sent billions of dollars to Iraq that just vanished. Pallets full of 100 dollar bills and the military lost it? No investigation, no trials, not even coverage in the news. Humanitarian reasons. Riiight. This, like all US military action, is for profit.