If I woke up and there was no logic in this world I would want to kill myself. I’m saying if no science was ever proven, if math logic riddles did not make sense, if everyone had a sub 60 IQ..

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If everyone had a sub 60 IQ, that would include yourself. You wouldn't know logic existed, or even math beyond addition and subtraction. You wouldn't feel compelled to kill yourself because the issues you are concerned about, don't exist in your new reality. Logic 101.

Here's some logic for you. You are born, you exist as the top species on this planet, there are millions of pathogens that can end your life, millions of chances you can get in an accident and be killed, or get assaulted and killed.
It's a miracle you live at all.

Yet there are people who would reject the gift of life because life got hard. That is illogical.
You don't know the true meaning of logic, you don't need science and math to have a reason to exist.

We use logic in our everyday lives, animals who are intellectually inferior to us use logic every day. It rains, so you hide in a dry place, you hunger so you eat, you are tired so you sleep. This is logic, it is a response that makes sense in solving the current problem you have. Stop trying to use this pseudo intellectual bullshit as if you know anything.

@Sunny_the_skeptic Here's some logic for you. You are born, you exist as the top species on this planet, there are millions of...

‘You don’t spend science and math to have a reason to exist’

That right there is your opinion. If math did not exist I would kill myself.

You don’t need, it’s about what u want.

I would honestly wake up get a knife and end it all.

We have no guns in the uk.

Here's logic, a very small group of rich men (thanks to us), control education, media, banking system, religion and government and do not give two hoots about you killing yourself over logic, you're a debt slave...have a nice day.

I'd try to wrap my head around it all, as best I could. If things were a dad-to-day fear fest, then I'd probably rethink my view.... tough call.

I've had suicidal thoughts since 7 years old without such things lacking. Mathematics have been my universal teacher of things misunderstood in my life. It's rather hard to debate with someone considered to be an idiot.

Stupid helps eliminate its self from the gene pool.

Stupid doesn't know it's being stupid...in stupids mind, it's being logical.

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