What product do you swear by?

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I dig merrell shoes, levi jeans and kerrygold butter. And of course...lays potato chips....

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Lays stash all to yourself! Smart mom.

My sneakers... Haven't run a metre or even a yard, and they are still intact. Then again, they are brand new (and made in Denmark, famous for people mostly running away from both tsunamis and windmills). Not always in that particular order.

Edit: Had to see, what they are called... Boras... Smells wonderful, but the name comes with a hint of Borat... And that can't be great for the sales... Can it?

Not many products I could swear by, however, I have certain brands that I stick with. Sketchers for tennis shoes. And my jeans are Gloria Vanderbilt.

Duluth Trading Co. firehose (hanger bender) shirts are nice. Mind you, I've only owned one.

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Agreed. I have the shoreman's windproof fleece jacket and although it hangs somewhat loosely it's surprisingly warm.

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Yeah! Take THAT lululemon!

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Can't think of any product really... but I always go back to New Balance Shoes, because when I was young, they were the only ones making shoes in my width. They did something for me, so I'm sticking with them!

My Bosch oven. Hba13b253a I think I'd the model. Bloody amazing, heats to 180 Celsius in 6 and a half minutes.

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