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Except for the "thinking about walking very slowly through the forrest". My mind wonders pretty quickly and walking slowly doesn't take much thought. :)

that sounds so peaceful and serene!! good for them! people are always whinging about how we don't slow down enough these days. they're doing it!

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But do you still get the tee shirt if you don't buy all that garbage? Ha!

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Ha! I'd probably be too busy scanning the river for naked women.

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It looks like an old oak tree, but the leaves aren't out yet.

Well, sort of. I totally get the concept and agree that the forest is a grand place to unwind, nurture my spirit, appreciate the spirit of the forest.

While I don't converse much with trees, I do study them, think about their past and future. I like to bring my dogs. They study with their noses and love it. Were going to a new spot this weekend!

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Not exactly, but I do walk slowly through a forest so I don't inadvertently step on any creatures who live there.

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