Is it normal for me to want to be buried after I die, whereas all my family members want to be cremated?

I want somewhere for my family and descendants to go and think of me when I am dead. When someone is cremated, their family and descendants can’t go anywhere to honor them.

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That's cool, now I think I prefer to become ash for some tree to grow out of my remains, that would be so damn cool.

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Well yeah, but it's still your body, I mean that seems kinda extreme, like throwing your body in the ocean for bullsharks or something. Ashes in the ocean sound much better.


That's what my husband requested, so that's what we did for him.

I'd like to be buried in the usual way, too, Stephen, for the same reason.

They should have your ashes in the living room. I wish to be cremated to make sure I won't be freezing and rotting in the ground. Been freezing here long enough swt smilie

Of course! Your feelings are just as valid as your family's. I will be cremated, but I bought a little urn grave at the cemetery for my daughter and myself.

That's very normal and I agree with you. I don't want to be cremated either. Your family should follow your wishes.

I can bury you alive, Stephen, if that's the way you want to go.

I don't see why not. Unless you live in an overpopulated country where they just don't have the space.

I personally would prefer to be cremated and turned into fertilizer and a tree to be planted in my resting place.

I prefer to be buried. I like to pay my respects to my Dad and grandparents when I visit the cemetery. I also like to reflect back on the past sometimes when I am there. It's a small country cemetery that has a lot of my family in it. I bought four plots there 20 years ago and the cost was $25 for all four plots. It's just preference. My Dad was cremated and buried there. It's all about personal preference. No choice is right or wrong.

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