There he is, out playing golf again today..... but I guess it's better he play golf and screw up the government more than he already has.

He bashed Obama all the time for playing a few rounds of golf during his eight years. Trump has played more golf than Obama in just the few months he's been in office than Obama did in his four years.

Donald 'I Won't Have Time to Play Golf' Trump, Oh WaitTrump once said unlike Obama, he's gonna work work work instead of golfing. Yeah, about that. "I want to stay in the WH and work my ass off and make great de...
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I agree. He flips and flops more than a fish. He throws his staff under the bus all the time, and is not loyal to anyone.

I'm fine with his playing golf, Trump's whole philosophy is: If you do nothing, you do nothing wrong. biggrin smilie

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I know. lol lol I just consider the source and laugh about it. lol

Actually that graphic tells the true story of Trump's temperament. lol

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In his mind, maybe. The man is delusional. He has done nothing but put our country in turmoil.

@SynysterSissy You funny!

hahaha we have a jokester in our midst. hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

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I got a 404 on both of those links?

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