Hate is the root of all evil.

While money IS powerful...still not as strong as hate. Random thoughts: This post changed; I was initially going to post: If you love yourself so much...why is it that you treat yourself so poorly? It seems to me that p are going on about how much they love themselves...but really? Most p treat other people like gold and themselves like shit. AND...also...this is why LOVE always has to be stronger...

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Ha. Someone just has to dig a little deeper...

Unless you're a saint... :)

I don't hate anyone but I detest quite a few. Hate is like a cancer, unless a person forgives and forgets, it will eat away at them until there's nothing left.

As for myself, I'm my own worst critic and enemy.

Disagree. Pride, ego and the love of money are the base of all evil.

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Money or the love of money is far more evil than hate. At least hate shows feelings which implies the possibility of empathy. Hate is directed at a specific group or groups. The love of money requires no feelings. It is impersonal and directed at everyone.

There is no single "root of all evil".

Hate is usually the end result not a cause, you're looking at greed, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, envy, wrath.

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