Sometimes the post question IS the question...

Sometimes posters post a question...wham bam done...but if there is an explanation...it generally bears some light on thought processes for direction...otherwise...well...that's the general focus...anyway...you Know what I'm trying to say. Nothing means anything.

Image for post Sometimes the post question IS the question...
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i like to give an explanation because i like to give information that i would be interested in receiving.... i like to know the thought process of people and what's going on with them and if they have any related thoughts. and i like to be open and honest and i hope the honesty invites other people to be honest and know that im not gonna laugh at them for any weirdness cuz im in the same weirdo boat.... you feel??? i give way too much info in my explanations sometimes but i like it. i feel like it also builds community... helps people see the humanity of the person behind the keyboard.

I usually try to give an explanation, even then someone takes what I've said out of context and then the war begins.

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