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I enjoy a good "debate" with opposing views. Sometimes, my perception can be changed if presented with credible facts I wasn't aware of. Sometimes I can cause people to take another look at their own perception of what they think. Nobody really wins an "argument".

I'm not into arguing for the sake of arguing.
But, I'm not into compromising my values for the sake of no argument either.

@Thinkerbell No names, please...

No, of course not! I wouldn't make a tiff over it for all the stars above!

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A circulated one like that one is only worth about 10 or 20 cents today. Not worth fighting over. biggrin smilie

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OK, have fun. hehe smilie

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rooster you must really really dislike your ex wife.

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HaHa i usually stay close to former loves one is a carpenter I call upon for all my work. Another I see sometimes and I can tell he is happy to see me by his eyes. One has moved to Spain so him i don't expect to see ever. I do talk to all by Facebook. but my ex husband I have never seen since court. Think he is afraid of me, cause I would probably just say hi. long time. eek smilie

I leave the arguing to other people.
I have better ways to spend my time.

I never feel the need to have to prove anything to anybody... other than myself.

Why lose if you can defend your point? I'm not backing down.

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred What could be that important

Plenty of things, I see no reason to back down, me not wanting to back down from a debate is not a bad thing to do.

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Oh will, remember if someone is ignorant almost nothing you say to them will change them. Some are just born stupid and like it that way LOL

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred Oh will, remember if someone is ignorant almost nothing you say to them will change them. Some are just born...

I disagree.
Ignorance and naivety are both due to a lack of education.
Stupidity is continuing to act contrary to education.

A child may touch a hot stove because they are ignorant (how hot the stove is, or how much it will hurt).
Once they learn that lesson, they are stupid if they continue to touch hot stoves.

You can learn a lot from a good debate. Sometimes I feel confident in my position but at other times I want a 'sanity check'.

Saying "you're right" and then walk away is the quickest way to make the other person stop arguing. If it really matters, just don't say it.

Sometimes I will walk away, as winning isn't my top priority, but sometimes people need to take a stand against vicious people. I don't like to argue either, but when pushed too far, I won't back down.

OZ excellent solution

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An opinion based on falsehoods would be wrong.

Skylar you think so - i wonder why ever single question says agree or disagree?

I’m gonna say primal instincts.

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Agree to disagree before it became contentious.

Why? A good argument can be fun. biggrin smilie
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@Thinkerbell Why? A good argument can be fun.

Tink you think? I don't like confrontation in any form. But to each his own.

Good idea, some even fight about that.

Only by pride cometh contention
Proverbs 13:10

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Him - are you new? I don't remember seeing this name before. Seems you will know what you see and hear. Good luck - LL

No ... the fastest way to stop an argument is not to get involved in the first place. LOL

Unless you submitting to the other person is a hot topic.

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No one wants to lose.