Baking soda will always be part of my life.

Is your body constitution more acid than alkaline? Aha. So many people's are...esp after a life of chocolate, coffee & booze... In order to alkaline your body...put 1/4 teas. Baking Soda in a 1/4 or so cup of good water...and drink every AM...that is when your body has the most acidity. Couldn't hurt.

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I'll look into that, thanks for the advice.

Baking soda is good for a lot of things, for instance....itching.

Bee stings.

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I’d expect tea to be acidic because it contains tannic acid.

Because Indian diets are full of spices, I’ve dealt with my share of peptic ulcer. One pantoprazole was enough for me. Of course, there’re antacids for prompt release in the market and baking soda is an out of the fridge antacid. I don’t use a lot of those because the relief might be rapid but it doesn’t last very long. I think the things we need to be careful about are:

To be careful about the dose(1/4-1/2tsp)in warm water.
Not to give it to children.
*Not to use take it within some 2-3 hours of other oral medications.

Also, your symptoms could be because of something else, esp. if they don’t resolve. It’d be wise to visit a physician for unremitting or severe symptoms; actually any symptoms. Wait this post is not about actual reflux right? wary smilie. I’m actually really sleepy right now.

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