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Already planning on ribeyes on the grill tonight.

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But it is dinner time wink smilie, at least here on the east coast xp smilie

But yes chicken does sound nice :)

Same thing I had for lunch will be dinner. Steak baked tater and raw broccoli all with a bit of yummy dip on the side,

yumm I like leftover pizza for breakfast. Yet it seems I only get enough for one meal or eat it all at once. Piggy me

Sirloin steak,fried egg and chips.

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Haddock fillet (boned & broiled), fresh Maine lobster tail (shelled) with a bowl of melted butter, baked potato (skin on), green garden veggies, four deviled eggs, apple crumble, black coffee.

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I just had pizza..

@Zolfie Sounds like a good option

Yea and to really answer your question.

My next meal will be a slice of pizza for breakfast.. smile smilie

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