Who else is disgusted at the “news”? We don’t get news anymore. The news, has been replaced by 99% political commentary. There is so much going on out there in the world that we don’t hear anything about. We may get a 10 second blurb now and then, and then, nothing.

Shots fired during dispute between two parents at Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM.
Two stabbed at 8th and Market Street SEPTA station in Center City area of Philadelphia, PA.
Man with machete and gun arrested after attacking employee at front desk of Iranian Interests Section in Washington, DC.
Suspect involved in fatal officer-involved shooting inside home on Jones Street in Madison, ME.
Officer Rogelio Santander dies due to injuries after officer-involved shooting Wednesday in Dallas, TX.
Authorities sweep for bombs at Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington, DC after suspect with gun arrested.
I get about 50 notifications like these a day but never see it covered on the news. Some are about US casualties in Afghanistan. Why aren’t we hearing these stories? I’m getting sick of hearing about a porn star, this corrupt politician or that corrupt politician (on both sides). We all already know that none of them will spend a minute in jail.

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Pravda being Russian for truth)))

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I've done the same poll, more or less. I'm with you 100%. I don't give a shit about their opinions; I want the facts so that I can come up with my own.

In my area, the local TV stations actually report local news stories, along with announcements of local events taking place which people might be interested in attending. I also found that if I deliberately refrain from watching the major national news stations, my overall daily mood vastly improves!

And you are just getting this? News has been replaced by "infotainment", since the 1980's (as far as I could tell).

I am, although I suspect there would be a lot fewer 24 hour news networks were they only to report the facts. And that would be just fine by me.

That said, as bad as our news is, it exists in a variety of forms and that's a luxury compared to places like China. There's so little news in some other countries they don't even realize they're missing it. So... there's that.

In that respect, it's kinda nice that we have a press that can sit and speculate without being disappeared for conjecture.

This wolf don’t lose sleep o’er the ramblings of sheep!

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It seems all but one of us so far is fed up with 'the news'. It's no scientific study, but my guess is that the negative sentiment toward the news is wide spread.

National media has pretty openly committed themselves to one goal - destroy the presidency and faith in government - at all cost. Even their own demise doesn't seem to deter them from their mission. [Almost sounds like a recurring theme of Islamic terrorists!]

As a result, none of really trust what we're told anymore. Right down to the weather! How many big regional events have been ruined by faulty weather reporting? I noticed that the weather people have taken on naming simple weather events like common snow storms. And the local people must think their audience is made up of pre schoolers! Offering up sage advice like brush your teeth at least twice a day and wear a jacket when it is cold outside.

I am not advocating blowing up every news outlet in the country and starting over. I mean, where would we get all those explosives? And, I'm sure we could get the same effect if a selected few were to ... go away. FreeRanger - you are our resident author - perhaps that plot might make a good story!

The real problem is what doesn't get covered like the unwarranted Israeli attack on protesters and snipers intentionally shooting journalists.

YouTube video thumbnail

YouTube video thumbnail

It's all fake, turn it off it will free your mind and produce critical thinking.

I gave up on watching news shown on tv years ago.
They'll do anything to get ratings and call it news..

Some people actually believe one is better than the other....all crap.

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