So you have servers that have moved beyond Terabytes. You’ve got Exabytes and Zettabytes. Therefore I can’t understand why identity theft is still a reality. With the amount of computer power available.. why can’t every company who provides any kind of plastic currency. Banks, Department Stores, gas stations, create a thousand BS Profiles for every true one that actually works? Yes elite hackers could use algorithm programs. But... it wouldn’t be near the level it is. For example. Let’s say every person had 1,000 virtual identities. And only 1 works. That would create a digital system, where to a hacker, it would look like 300,000,000,000 people lived in the US. All but 300,000,000 with fake identities that throw out flags and track who’s trying to hack your accounts personally. We’re getting to the point where a single PC could easily hold all known information. Not just you, me... everybody.. a quasi God. So please tell me how great this would be. Or.. How Horrible