Do this in your head only! See below.

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I did see what Rooster saw (all on my lonesome, lol) and I thought a second possibility existed, albeit weak but, in the end, I'm settling on 4,000 as well.

I settled on 4000.

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I don't actually know.I was sent this by Pintintrest-I can't find it with the answer.4000 and 4100 come up in other places I posted this.

4100 ... I'm guessing it's just a mind trick, to move the 100 to 1000

Found the original site and this is what it says
The answer is 4100

Just use calculator (if any) or pencil and paper to solve it. You will get the right answer

4,100. The first step attempts to confuse you into thinking 1,040 is 1,400.

The first time I got another number. Then I saw that 5000 was wrong, which wasn't my number. I read Howler's response and then did it again - this time got 5000. THEN I got out the trusty calculator and as I was adding things up I spotted where folks might get tripped up - I did the second time. I was right the first time.

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