What does your own personal hell look like? How about your own personal heaven?

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Hell for me will be cold and wet. I think the burning idea was set up because most of the religions are from hot places so hot is awful for them. I have gotten upfrom staying in a camp or tent freezing and said devil take me now so i can get warmed up..

Hell on earth would be not being able to care for myself....the actual Hell would be never ending fire and torture.

Heaven on earth would be keeping my family safe from all harm. The real Heaven will be glorious, love for all and tranquility, no more pain and tears.

Heaven nothing but angles lounging on puffy clouds. how lame. I expect I was very bad in a previous life so instead of heaven, I would like to hang around helping people on earth. I need some things I don't have right now like super strength and ability to run long distances to help people. That would be ok with me.

Hell: seeing sentient beings tortured. Heaven: being with animals, my loved ones, tropical,lush, unlimited fresh fruits, by the ocean.

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