This is the one of the craziest conversations I've ever heard. Absolutely hilarious. Tech support scammer gets trolled.

Thought you might enjoy this. There are companies out there that function by making a popup ad appear on the screens of unsuspecting people, telling them they have a virus, and that they need to call Microsoft tech support to save their computer. When they call the provided number, the company solicits funds to "fix" the person's computer. It's a scam to bamboozle gullible people. So, "Malcolm Merlyn" decided to call the number and have a little fun with them. The conversation that ensues is pure gold.

Making a Scammer Cry (Indian Tech Support Scammer)Making a Scammer Cry (Indian Tech Support Scammer) Deeveeaar: Joe Scambait: Night...
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I love... Uhmm... I might have to rephrase that... I FUCKING love prank calls, when they are done well enough. I used to make them to a local radio station, when I was seventeen... And recorded them on C-cassettes. Well, it's been nearly 25 years since... I hope none of the tapes re-emerge.