Most people who say they’re ‘not a dog/cat/whatever pet person’ would probably find an animal of that species that they would enjoy the company of if they gave it a shot. Allergies and phobias are exempt.

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Animals enrich our lives with unconditional love.

I have had both and I love both.

But kitties will always stand out.

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I like dogs but cats like me. I pat them but cats don't seem too bright or helpful.

Cats are wonderful.So are Parrots.But keep the cat away!

I believe my attack koala has got the attention of the death squad. But... I still fucking love to cuddle with him, even though I hate him deeply.

I like some dogs, but I don't have a pet now. I'm definitely not a cat person.

It's a really nice thought vividlyprosaic, but I wouldn't push people on the fence on pet ownership. It could end up badly for the new pet if love and affection don't develop. Just like people that don't want kids, shouldn't have kids! [Not by abortion, by prevention]

Those that DO decide to get a pet - get it through a shelter - not a breeder. And let the love begin!

Most people who say they're not a dog/cat/whatever pet person know what they personally like and dont like and have probably already given it a shot with those animals, and thats how they know that theyre not a dog/cat/whatever pet person.

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