Harry Potter is fake. Fake witchcraft.

How would you like it if what you were interested in was purported as a sham...a stupid MISLEADING fairytale? Even worse than (blank)...children will now grow up thinking silly stories with regard to witchcraft...when the true profession is a time-honoured result of a natural lifestyle with life-long held beliefs and an intuitive spirit. For shame.

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You are better off...two paragraphs into it and I realized I couldn't also stomach the wording.

I enjoyed the books and the movies, and never once did I lose sight of the fact that its only fiction.

I enjoyed all 7 of the Harry Potter Books and liked the movies as well. I also take the grand kids to visit Harry Potter world at Universal Studios a few times a year. I just consider it entertainment.

I consider all witchcraft fake and I don't consider myself Christian, but that's just me. Not a fan of organized religion... Of any form.

I like Harry Potter though, I think it's a great metaphor to relay important, but disturbing concepts like that of genocide.

You never know.

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If the children are reading Harry Potter books, chances are they're aware the information comes as fiction, therefore nothing misleading.

Also if you are a true Christian...you better not like Harry Potter...your religion does not pander to witchcraft...whether it is fake or not.

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For sure babe.

@Sukiesnow Also if you are a true Christian...you better not like Harry Potter...your religion does not pander to...

Right, I forgot that in the bible Jesus says "and thou shalt not read Harry Potter"

It's fiction for fucks sake. If God is sending people to Hell for reading a book series, maybe you're worshipping the wrong dude.

Don't "real" witches have initiation ceremonies, and skyclad ceremonies? They worship the horned God and triple goddess? Lots of "sex magic" if there is such a thing, to pervy for my liking.

As fake as professional wrestling..

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Matt. 7 KJV

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