The world laughs that Kim might think we believe him.

Image for post The world laughs that Kim might think we believe him.
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Call me when we have verified his nukes are gone. Until then it is just another side show. And definately don't give that fucker any money up front!

I'll only believe it when he freely lets his people escape to South Korea with their families and loses most of his country's population.

NK has long been a puppet regime of the Chinese.

This is a frightening time not because it could mean war, but because it could actually mean peace.

A unified China / Korea isn't necessarily a win for North America, in the same way a unified Middle East would present a very real economic threat. But I'm kinda intrigued to see where this goes. jmo

He's probably great fun in privateh smilie

This guy is playing Trump like a fiddle. And as usual, Trump is taking credit for the summit meeting between the North Korean and the South Korean. When it all falls apart, who will Trump blame then? Of course he will blame Obama.

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