Have you ever noticed that people rarely ask questions or express opinions outside their fan base? Seriously, is this still the school cafeteria? So here’s the question; do members ask questions to hear an echo or do you think they want a variety of answers that may be different from what they are comfortable with? Be honest. I avoid certain posts and people too, but I can admit it.

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@SynysterSissy Same here.

Ditto! I gave an honest opinion, the OP told me to get off her post, and then blocked me. lol Guess the truth hurt!!!!!!

I can and do appreciate hearing all takes, provided it's an actual observation and not a rundown of common talking points.

That said, I don't post all that many questions to begin with.

I don't see anything here as a "fan base". I know there are some people here who generally will agree with some topics I post or comment on and some who disagree. It's more about people who share the same core values rather than "fans".

Some people here, I guess. It's pretty obvious when people are simply seeking opinions in affirmation to theirs, when they block or insult most everyone who dares comment not in complete agreement, however civilly.

Although I don't have any "fan base", there are certainly those I've come to like and respect over time. They sure don't always agree with my opinion about things, so it's a good thing I don't expect them to. :)

I don't know, can't be certain. I guess everyone likes to be surrounded by like minded individuals. I answer as long as I have something to say about a matter, I need to have some competence to avoid saying something pointless.

If I ever post something I'd like a variety of answers, then again I don't usually get any good post ideas that talk about something important so even if people don't think the same way it doesn't realy mean anything.

I'm not in the obvious fan base and thats why I have noticed it. thats also why I dont participate much. I think the people denying a fan base are the ones in the fan base hehe smilie

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I dont know what Sodahead is, a site? but if they are on this very page, thats the fan base. I felt very nervous commenting here. like I am crashing a party.d smilie

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It was a great site, lots of good people, lots of questions every day....and it closed down without giving us any notice at all.

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You fit in just fine.....

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You're very welcome, we're glad you're here. You're like a breath of fresh air on this stale site. lol

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Bullies always run in packs, usually three of them.

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Catch one by themselves and they aren't so brave....pathetic isn't it?

I am wearing pants today.

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They aren't brown... Yet.

I wouldn't say it doesn't happen, but unless you block a bunch of people, when you put out a question anybody can answer it. On the other hand I only avoid certain topics as opposed to any specific people.

In the end, I don't ask questions that I am so serious about that I can't accept diffing opinions. There are a lot of opinions that I don't agree with and vote them up, just to let them know I read it.

Good question Xather. I don't post much anymore. I've been accused of just about everything. Some people seem to think that what I post is directed at certain individuals, which they are not. I've been scolded for no good reason, blocked by people I have never had contact with, accused of being in a clique.....please tell me where this clique is....lol People have told me they don't like political posts, but they are the very ones who come on them to cause trouble....and then they post the political ones themselves. Guess it's OK if they post them, but not me. Hypocritical in my opinion.

You can't have a decent debate on this site without someone making it personal. I respect others' opinions, but when some come on my posts to personally attack me, that's when the conversation ends.

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Same with me Xather, I can't PM you because you're not following me.

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lol That's OK, you fixed it. I had a rough time when I first joined this site, but I had help from a good friend that walked me through a lot of things.

I didn't know how to post graphics but he showed me how, and other things as well.

Can't say that I noticed..

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