The economy is rapidly cooling. I was hopeful that I might have been wrong and that conservative policies might work this time, despite mountains of evidence that says it never works. Consumer Spending Growth is at 1.5% - the lowest rate in over 5 years. Growth of $1 menu items at fast-food outlets is at a 3 year high. Record openings of new stores like Dollar General, TJ Max, Five-Below. Meanwhile record closing of stores like JC Pennies, Sears and Best Buy. Interest rates are on the rise. A record number of people being incarcerated for inability to pay meager traffic fines. All these things signal that we have turned the corner and are entering a Bear market. Sorry folks, but all the signs continue to show that cutting taxes on the rich never helps the middle class and always leads to recession. How many times do you need to be slapped in the face with it?