I broke my thumb at work yesterday and now I have to use my Index finger to text. What non-threatening injuries have you had, that were more of an inconvenience than anything else?

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one of my tent poles splintered once and i got a big fiberglass splinter in my middle finger and I couldnt throw it in the air quite as easily

Ouch, sorry for your mishap.

For me it was a broken little toe. Hurt like heck when I walked, but it didn't stop me.

Way too many to list.

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So many. But...ive never (knock on wood) cut myself with a saw.
Many times with a utility knife. A couple bad hand injuries from driver slippage. You would be amazed at the damage a phillips head can do.
Falls, strains, falling objects. The last was the beginning of my demise.
But....it never took work for me to find a way to tear up my body.

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That walking must be doing your circulation well:]

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Whatever is motivating you, well....im so pleased that it is:)

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It's very awkward haha

I can't count the number of broken bones because I run out of fingers and toes.

I had shoulder surgery. It hurt all the way down to my fingertips. I could only type out a text with one finger. It was frustrating to type out a long message and lose it.

I sprained my big toe....had to walk around like a mummy for a while..

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You quickly find out just how important your big toe actually is..

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