Are you the same as or the opposite of your Political Party?

After 10 minutes of chatting...can you be right about guessing a person's bent...? Where do political leanings usually show up in a person? I'd never have pegged Trump as a PC. Explain that mystery.

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I am somewhere in between the 2 parties. It seems the loudest and most media covered people are at the extreme sides of each party. There is a lot of room in the middle these days. :)

I'm my own person. I've voted Republican as well as Democrat. But as of now, I'm sure most people on this site know who I'm against this go-around.

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I have my own beliefs and ideological preferences, which some politicians pretend to support, but all we get is lip service and the same old shit.

I don't support any, they have the same agenda to dissolve family values and hand our children over to state control, dissolve sovereignty, dissolve the individual for collectivism and its been going on a very long time. Same controllers different puppets (politicians). We need to stop voting these pratts in. When the vote is handed back to the people we should keep it, because in voting you are given your power back to them, I don't want to be a part of the game anymore, look at the clowns/crooks that they give us to choose from.

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