Cody Carlson is a writer based in New York and a former investigator for Mercy for Animals and the Humane Society of the United States. He shot this footage while working undercover in various farms. I am an animal lover myself and so was shocked on watching this footage. If you want to save these animals...lets pledge to avoid meat at all cost and stop this cruelty.

If you wish to donate yo can do so at "". A small contribution can save many lives.

What Cody Saw Will Change Your LifeOne man's search to uncover the truth put his life on a course he never expected. See what happened to Cody, in one of the most powerful videos you will ever...
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Is Carrie still director of operations for Mercy For Animals?

I doubt many people will watch that video. I did, even though I've seen many others equally as heart-sickening. Although I made the decision to stop consuming the meat of my fellow creatures over half a lifetime ago, I have little hope that most humans will. Not anytime soon, anyway.

What people CAN do for sure, is support legislation to lessen the suffering of the animals in the nightmare of "factory farming", and be aware of those who don't. Chris Christie for instance, who vetoed a bill banning those crates in which a pregnant pig can't even turn around or lie down in.

In the meantime...I do and have shared my heart and home with obligate carnivores. While dogs have been known to thrive on a vegetarian diet, cats do not.

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