Since Amiriters come here for entertainment...I guess our comments s/b entertaining...

A post is just a post - it never goes out intending to be something. It just is.

Image for post Since Amiriters come here for entertainment...//I guess our comments s/b entertaining...//
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Wow seeing you in motion for the first time in my life is a very refreshing experience.

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You really want to go down that road, buddy? I can lower my voice down to the growl, if the equipment and the circumstances were appropriate. I could start by eating your shins off.

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Huh, I guess size does matter xp smilie

Sure, they should be entertaining biggrin smilie

Yah boo shucks tickety boo!Is that entertaining enough?hehe smilie

Oh look, a pussy!biggrin smilie

I love the sexually suggestive photo of the post, as usual another pervert commenting. But not in a thousand years did I expect to see a whole damn channel full of Marko's videos.

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